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Amateur Radio is a great hobby! E-mail
Friday, 01 August 2008

If you heard my call sign on the air or found it on [] , welcome to my homepage.  You can visit the image gallery, which shows some of my equipment and my wishlist, by clicking [HERE] . I also maintain a blog about my hobby [HERE] . Due to proliferation of spam and inappropriate text, you'll need to register before viewing full-size images or leaving comments.  I check each registration personally, so it may take a day or two for the account to be approved.

I started on 11 Meter with a fairly large group of friends back in the mid-late 90's. To date, I'm one of only two to get licensed (congratulations, Darin!). I still chat with the old group on 27.345 AM and also enjoy the CSA net on 27.385 LSB. Although CB and amateur radio are vastly different, I enjoy operating on all the bands available to me.

Office QTH: My office is located in the hills of San Clemente. Elevation is ~300'. I use a flat-topped 102' G5RV for HF, an IMAX-2000 for 10/11 meter, and the Arrow OSJ146/440 j-pole for VHF/UHF. A discone is used for scanning. An MFJ-986 is used for tuning the G5RV around the HF bands and a MFJ-969 is used specifically for tuning the IMAX-2000 for 10 meter. Coax is RG-8X (mini 8) all around. My HF setup is a nearly complete Yaesu FT-101E line. I'm only missing the transverters. The equipment is in pristine condition and a joy to operate. I use a Tup-8 D104 with the 10-DA SSB head for SSB operation and a Tup-9 D104Yaesu FT-7800r. For 11 meter, the Galaxy Saturn Turbo with a D104 Night Eagle does the job well. The Galaxy Turbo also has a comspec SS-64 CTCSS tone board that I installed for 10 meter repeater use. For scanning, I'm using a Radio Shack Pro-2035 scanner. for AM operation. VHF/UHF is handled by a

Home QTH: I'm using the Yaesu FT-857d for HF/VHF/UHF. VHF/UHF is transmitted through 9913 to an attic-mounted Arrow OSJ146/440 J-Pole. I can reach most of the southern Orange County repeaters from this location. For HF, I run the FT-857d through LDG's AT-100pro auto tuner and use a 56' home-brew wire antenna strung through the attic. Condo living makes this hobby more challenging!

Mobile: I am using a Yaesu FT-1500 for 2 meter and the RCI-2950 for 10/11 Meter. The 10 meter amplifier is a Texas Star DX400. Antennas are a 12" Comet B-10NMO for 2 meter/70cm and a 102" 1/4 wave for 10/11 meter.


  •     AM International (West Coast AMI Net)
  •     CARA (Catalina Amateur Radio Association)
  •     CSA (California Sideband Association)

Update 3/2009: I'm 100% on copying morse code thanks to ZL1AN's AND G4FON's morse code study software. I practice sending using a classic WM Nye Speed-X key through an old Eico code oscillator #706 or my FT-857d's practice mode. I really look forward to mastering this rich tradition of amateur radio.

Favorite Hang-outs:

70 CM - 445.660, 449.700

2 Meter - 146.025, 147.090, 147.645, 145.240

10 Meter - 29.660 FM

11 Meter - 27.345 AM, 27.385 LSB

20 Meter - 14.285 USB

40 Meter - 7.285 LSB, 7.290 AM

80 Meter - 3.870 AM (AMI net), 3.840 late-night